The first exposure

Like any typical American teenager my room was covered in anything and everything that I liked at that very moment, but instead of posters mine was covered in photos. Pictures taken with my digit camera, my flip phone and as I got older my iPhone4. I’ve always loved photography and upon diligent requests my parents finally gave me my first DSLR- a Nikon D3300. I have absolutely no idea how to use it, but through trial and error I hope to learn a thing or two about it by the time I head back to school.

To begin this new adventure I decided to drag my little sister to the Cleveland Museum of Art. Granted, I’ve been fooling around with my camera since I got it- taking pictures of every family member and Christmas ornament at every possible angle BUT taking it to the art museum is what I would like to consider my first step towards becoming a “not so amateur” photographer.


The first exhibit we went to was one of the galleries. No one in my line of vision had a camera out. Anyone reading this who knows me personally knows that I like I don’t like being the center of attention so obviously I refused to take my camera out (I was kind of afraid my flash would go off in the middle of the exhibit). BUT once we figured out which mode would not put off any type of flash (there was a little incident where even on no flash mode a small focus flash, I’m assuming, went off on my camera) I was more than happy to take some pretty unsteady, but what I would like to consider “good for a beginner” pictures.



Here’s an closer look haha


I want to mention that I edited some of these pictures on my phone- I really like playing around with the exposures, shadows and highlights of the picture. I make sure to send myself the originals so that I always have them, plus the originals are still on my memory card in my camera.

I really enjoyed my trip to the Cleveland Museum of Art and I would love to go back one day and compare the pictures I took today with the pictures I will take in the future. The exhibits are really fascinating and I never realized how awesome the museums are downtown.

What I want to work on: I think that I want to start playing around with different lighting situations. The museum has some well lit areas and some really dark areas where I wasn’t able to get many good pictures. I really want to make sure my pictures turn out sharp and bright enough for me to see the details that drew me to that subject in the first place. I think that I should work on using the preset modes on my Nikon before I start playing around with manual modes.


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