The Land

This past weekend I decided to go home for a short 48hrs. I thought it would be a somewhat relaxing weekend, but I didn’t realize how much was happening at home haha :). My grandpa recently celebrated his 70th birthday, and this weekend my family threw him a little party. My grandparents have done so much for me and I’m glad I was able to go home to celebrate with the whole family!



Saturday was also my sister’s senior winter formal. It’s definitely a weird moment when you realize your little sister is no longer the annoying little person  you were forced to live with (I’m just kidding…mostly). Since my grandpa’s birthday party was during the afternoon on Saturday Kate had to get ready during the party which meant my aunt, my mom and I got to help her get ready! Thank god for Shannon because Kate wouldn’t have looked this gorgeous if I was in charge of her make-up lol.

Kate with the birthday boy


Kate with Shannon- the make-up artist 🙂


I wanted to go take pictures outside, but the wind was just too much 😉
My mom and I think that this picture describes Kate just a little too well




Kate and her friends decided to take their pictures outside since it was so so so so so nice this past weekend (60 degrees in Cleveland in the middle of February is unheard of). We went to this beautiful lake in Berea called Coe Lake. I wish this spot wasn’t such a “hot” spot for prom pictures because it would be so gorgeous. Luckily barely anyone was there on Saturday so I was able to get some really cool pictures.

I love the colors of the trees against the lake.


Kate thought it would be cool to focus on the lake in this picture and I think it turned out pretty well 🙂


Her eyes.


This weekend made me realize just how excited I am for Kate’s prom- the dress, the hair, the pictures…basically everything. I can’t wait!


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