The Queen City

A few weeks ago my roommate and I decided to drive down to Cincinnati to visit our ex-roommate (dun dun dunnn) at her new apartment! When I’ve visited Cincinnati in the past I’ve never had time to just explore so this weekend was super fun. Maggie lives near Hyde Park which is a really cool neighborhood in Cincinnati. Hyde Park has tons of cute shops and coffee shops to go to, so we started our day out at this coffee shop called the Coffee Emporium.  I would love to come visit this area again when its a little bit warmer- the Coffee Emporium has a cute sitting area out back that I really want to go to.


Unfortunately, the lighting in the Coffee Emporium is not very camera friendly. I’ve never used my camera indoors before so the first few pictures I took came out looking something like this:


Thanks to Pinterest and a couple google searches I learned that in order to have better lit photos I needed to lower my shutter speed and kick up my ISO setting. Here is what happened after I tried that:

***taken after I learned how to shoot indoors 🙂

 Much better, yes?




One of my favorite things to take pictures of is interesting sunlight exposures. I love sunset lighting:8


When You Take Eileen to a Hunting Store: A Saga

12After we shopped for a little bit we went back to Maggie and Megan’s to make buffalo chicken dip. PSA- DO NOT PUT THE ENTIRE BAG OF CHICKEN INTO YOUR BUFFALO CHICKEN DIP MIX…it’s just not right.13

Am I the only one who didn’t know chicken’s have wish bones?



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