A little Brecksville adventure

Hi ya’ll! It’s finally summer and that means its time to catch up on posts! A couple months ago I asked my friend Emily to come on a little adventure with me during our Easter break. Honey Hut (one of my favorite ice cream shops in Ohio) had just opened its doors for the season so we headed over to Brecksville and snapped a few pictures:

broadview heights 13ice cream 1

The Brecksville Honey Hut is surrounded by tons of cute shops and fun areas to take pictures. As soon as we found this gorgeous red wall I knew we had to take some pictures (By now I hope its become apparent that I’m a sucker for colored walls and exposed brick).

ice cream 3broadview heights 14

Sadly, our cone melted way too quickly and it was no longer cute…or edible 😦 So we decided to move on. Our next spot was this courtyard tucked away near the grocery store in Brecksville. I had no idea it was there, but it ended up being so cute!

broadview heights 5broadview heights 12broadview heights 8broadview heights 6broadview heights 7b

Next, we headed over to the Metroparks:

metroparks 2metroparks 1trees 3trees 5trees 1

We decided to go off the trails and hiked down onto these rocks. Unfortunately, I had a tough time adjusting to the lighting and tried to figure it out using google. These pictures didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted them too, but I hope that over time I’ll be able to understand how to work with natural lighting.


falls 5

falls 3falls 2



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